Violence to Resilience

We’re working to end violence against women and girls.

Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. On any given day in Canada, more than 3,000 women (along with their 2,500 children) are living in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence.

We are continuously working to end violence against women through our continuum of services. We educate women and young women on the root causes of violence, provide financial support and shelter to women fleeing abusive homes, and work diligently with moms who’ve experienced abuse at the hands of their children.

We move women and children from violence to resilience.

Help us stop the violence. Take Action.

December 6th Fund


In 2010, there were 3,255 victims of spousal and intimate partner violence, who reported the incident to authorities in Nova Scotia. Four out of five of these victims are women.

This number does not reflect unreported cases of violence.

We know that when you give women a way out of an abusive situation, they become empowered and committed to building a better life.

We’re working to end violence against women and girls.

What is the December 6th Fund?

The fund provides non-interest bearing micro-loans and individualized support to women who wish to flee domestic violence but are compelled to stay for reasons of financial instability, life skills, and barriers to sufficient housing and/or self-sustainability. It reduces the number of homeless women & families in Halifax & works to end violence against women.

December 6th Offers

A non-interest bearing micro-loan along with critical support services to live a life free from violence. Life skills development, financial literacy training, housing navigation and trusteeship are some components of this life changing program.


Individuals who identify as women, who are currently fleeing an abusive situation or have left within the last month, have a bank account, source of income, can provide a referral from a local community agency, and are over 18 years of age are eligible. Applicants must live in the HRM to qualify for this one time loan and provide proof of loan usage.


Registration is ongoing. Call to make an appointment & complete an intake.

Nicole Boutilier
Program Supervisor
902. 423. 6162 x 4241

“It is not easy to just leave. It takes money and support and you need a safe place to go.
I was able to leave a bad situation and make a safe environment for myself and my kids”


Over 50% of Canadian women will experience violence at some point in their lives. Young women under the age of 25 experience the highest rates of violence. In Canada, we know that assaults against young women account for 79% of the total cases of sexual assaults against children and youth.

We know that when you provide youth with a support, resources and a safe space to explore issues specific to them, they become resilient, confident and eager for positive change.

We’re empowering young women

What Is GirlSpace?

A violence prevention program delivered to over 250 young women annually at ten community locations throughout Halifax. The program increases & empowers young women to take a stand against violence & its root causes, while exploring identity and building self-esteem.

GirlSpace Offers

Weekly interactive workshops about issues impacting young women, a diverse curricula focused on violence prevention & education, empowerment, healthy living & leadership, the ability to participate in YWCA’s annual peer leadership conference & the option to enrol in a free of charge, all girl summer day camp program.


Individuals who identify as young women in grades 7-9 at participating locations in HRM.


Registration is from September – June. Young women interested in attending GirlSpace PowerCamp do not need to be involved in the core GirlSpace program. PowerCamp registration opens in May-June.

Dee Dooley
Youth Programs Coordinator
902.423.6163 x6257


“I have the right to be who I want to be.”

The Power of Being a Girl

Our youth are at risk. Over 65% of all female victims of sexual assault are under the age of 24, and 11% are under the age of 11. Women aged 15 to 24 are killed at nearly three times the rate for all female victims of domestic homicide.

 Building a better world is at the hands of our youth and we’re providing them with the capacity to helps us build a safe and equitable society.

 We’re empowering our future.

 What is Power of Being a Girl?

A dynamic youth-conference filled with empowerment programs run for and by young women, directly connected with YWCA Canada and “Week Without Violence.”

Power of Being a Girl Offers

A day-long, dynamic conference by women, for women. This interactive learning experience explores issues associated with discrimination, self-esteem, bullying, sexual health and youth-led change through a variety of educational & artistic outlets.


Individuals between ages 12 – 18 who identify as young women living in the HRM.


Registration opens in September each year.

Dee Dooley
Youth Programs Coordinator
902.423.6163 x6257

“Girls can change the world”

902.423.6162 • Halifax, Nova Scotia • Canada