Annual General Meeting

June 19, 2019 5:30 pm – 7 pm

YWCA Halifax

358 Herring Cove Road

Notice of Slate

Board Members for Consideration and Re-Election

For Consideration 2019                                                           

Leslie Bishop                                                                                        

Melanie Bremner                                                                                 

Adena Cox                                                                                                          

Diana Metlege                                                                                     

Up for re-election for a second 2 – year term                 

Alison Bird                                                                                           

Up for re-election for a third 2- year term                        

Cyndy Allen                                                                         

Jennifer Forde     

Entering second year of first 2-year term

Krystan Casto

Sanela Moraca

Suying Wang

Entering second year of second 2- year term

Jennifer Ashton

Executive for Consideration and Election

Alana Patterson, President

Meghan Cadue, Vice President

Nikki Mills, Treasurer

JoAnn Alberstat, Secretary

Outgoing Board Members

Lee-Ann Kovacs

Pernille Jakobson

Heather Hanson

Hilary Beaton