Newcomers Connect

Newcomers Connect Conversation Club is an interactive program to learn and enhance spoken English skills and to increase confidence using conversational English. In addition to that we aim to:

  • Decrease social isolation of newcomer women
  • Build pre-employment skills
  • Increase knowledge of local resources

About Newcomers Connect

The conversation club consists of three different groups. Each group meets twice a week, with sessions that last for 2.5 hours. The sessions are held at various times and locations. Participants are matched in circles of people based on their schedule and location.

The conversation circles are facilitated by the program coordinator in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The program coordinator may prepare conversation topics, activities or games based on the interest of each participant.

If a participant is unable to attend any of her sessions, she may arrange to join another circle or to meet with the program coordinator during the follow up sessions to cover any material missed. Participants can also contact the program coordinator to practice English skills.

What to expect

YWCA Newcomers Connect will provide newcomer women with an opportunity to:

  • Learn English outside the formal classroom and work setting
  • Attend a club in their community
  • Improve their English communication skills (speaking and listening)
  • Increase their confidence and comfort level when using English
  • Decrease their anxiety of speaking English in a group
  • Meet people from different areas and create friendships
  • Enhance their intercultural understanding

Child care is available at all sessions

For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator