A Turning point for women

Employment Skills

One in seven Canadian women live in poverty. The risk of poverty is greatest if you are an aboriginal woman, recent newcomer woman, racialized woman, or single mother. We know that women’s lower earning power means that they are at greater risk of falling into poverty if they have children, become separated, divorced, or widowed. When women are poor, their children suffer.

Supportive Housing

There are hundreds of women and children in Halifax who remain severely disadvantaged and without the necessity of a safe home. Despite over 100 years of progress toward women’s equality, recent decades have seen a tragic and needless rise in women’s homelessness across Canada. Single parent families, mostly led by women, make up the majority of homeless families.

Covid-19 Update

Thank you for all of your patience as the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold. Effective Tuesday, March 17, YWCA Halifax offices will be closed and operating by phone, email, or teleconference until Friday, May 1, 2020. This includes our childcare centre, in accordance with the requirements announced by the Province of Nova Scotia. Click below for more detailed information.

Early Learning and Childcare

Ensuring access to childcare is critical to ensuring the economic security and equality of women. Studies show that universal access to early learning would decrease poverty rates for women and their families. We know that every dollar invested in universal, high quality early childhood education produce a two dollar social and economic return to our society.

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Strong With Her Yoga

Yoga and similar modalities open the door to new beginnings and emotional healing. As part of our Strong With Her Campaign, YWCA Halifax wants to bring together all yoga studios and other partners in the Halifax area to recognize those lost in Montreal, provide a healing space for self-care, and raise funds to help us in our work of ending gender based violence and providing support to those affected.

YWCA Strong With Her - Yoga

Youth and Young Women

YWCA Halifax is pleased to support youth and young women throughout all our programs, in addition to those specializing in this demographic.


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